Read what others have said about the Human Security Report 2005.

"This report is the most comprehensive annual compendium of human security research ever produced. It should be on the desk of every policymaker."

Lloyd Axworthy
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Winnipeg
Foreign Minister of Canada 1995-2000

“The concept of a Human Security Report with a focus on the effect of violence on people is welcome. It will complement the UNDP Human Development Report and contribute to our understanding of security as a necessary, though not sufficient, requirement for development.”

Jakkie Cilliers
Executive Director
Institute for Security Studies
South Africa

“The Human Security Report will become an indispensable reference tool for all theorists and practitioners wishing to generate higher levels of synergy between the development, governance and conflict resolution communities.”
Kevin P. Clements
Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Secretary-General of International Alert 1999-2003

“The Report is as necessary as it is remarkable that no one has ever thought to do it before, and it will immediately become essential to all who are seriously engaged in trying to understand and reduce the incidence and effects of deadly conflict.”

Elizabeth M. Cousens
Vice President
International Peace Academy

"This is nothing less than an X-ray of the sorrow of war and the quest for peace in our world and in our generation. It documents that the United Nations more often than not succeeds when we have the resources and the mandate to act. It also bears witness of how and why we too often fail to provide human security because we simply are not there when we are most needed."

Jan Egeland
Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and
Emergency Relief Coordinator
United Nations

“The findings of the Human Security Report must be thoroughly disseminated and discussed. They shake up our perceptions and give reasons for hope. A rare accomplishment these days.”

Rubem César Fernandes
Director of Viva Rio

“The idea of a Human Security Report is one whose time has come; it would help harden the concept of human security, focus attention on its importance and help indicate paths to the amelioration of human insecurity by international means.”

Trevor Findlay
Canadian Centre of Treaty Compliance

“The need for an annual Human Security Report can hardly be underestimated. The international community knows scandalously little about the global human costs of war and criminal violence – and far too little about their systemic causes. The Report will be an essential reference for scholars, NGOs and policymakers.”

Richard Higgott
Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
University of Warwick

“The subject of human security does not receive the attention it desperately deserves, which is why the proposed Human Security Report is so important. The Report will make a serious contribution to changing the understanding of security in the minds of journalists, policymakers and the general public.”

Patricia Lewis
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

"An annual Human Security Report will be immensely helpful both to aid our understanding of the transnational and intra-state violence that is so prevalent these days and to track its frequency and severity over time. Without such a consistent and reliable source for this critical information, it is difficult to tell which policies, if any, are working to stem the targeting of violence against civilians."

Edward C. Luck
Center on International Organization
School of International and Public Affairs
Columbia University

“The Human Security Report provides a trenchant, and impressively grounded, critique of conventional wisdom concerning the human consequences of contemporary war, and a robust defence of the contribution of the United Nations to the protection of human beings. It also convincingly demonstrates that the indirect effects of conflict have a far greater impact on human security than does violence itself.”

S. Neil MacFarlane
Lester B. Pearson Professor of International Relations
St. Anne's College
University of Oxford

“This is a truly brilliant idea and project which will greatly assist in changing international understanding about what causes insecurity and conflict; it will also demonstrate how security can be significantly strengthened through more appropriate national and international responses. This is the perfect union of research and practice.”

Connie Peck
Principal Coordinator
United Nations Institute for Training and Research Programme in Peacemaking and Preventive Diplomacy

“This meticulously researched report is certain to become a much-anticipated annual publication for those interested in tracking the state of human security worldwide. The encouraging security trends it documents should inspire all involved to redouble their efforts to contain and reduce political violence around the world.”

Surin Pitsuwan
Member of Parliament, Thailand
Foreign Minister of Thailand 1997-2001

“The Human Security Report will help bridge the vast and growing gap between professional security discourses, including in the armed services of the major powers, and the actual, on-the-ground security needs of people suffering the consequences of violent conflicts. Such a report would constitute a logical extension of the case that Kofi Annan has made as Secretary-General of the United Nations, of putting people at the center of everything the United Nations does.”

John Gerard Ruggie
Kirkpatrick Professor of International Affairs
Harvard University
Assistant Secretary-General and Advisor to UN Secretary-General,
Kofi Annan, 1997-2001

"An indispensable service to all who care about international peace and security, the Human Security Report is a thorough and objective compilation and analysis of data on the most vexing issues of human security. The message is clear - the United Nations is making an historical difference in reducing the scourge of war."

Stephen John Stedman
Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and
Senior Fellow
Center for International Security and Cooperation
Stanford University

"The shift from national to human security is of historic significance both for scholars and policymakers. It emphasises the protection of people rather than the defence of states. The Human Security Report is the most comprehensive review of global security trends yet published. It contains some startlingly good news that should help offset the prevailing pessimism on the state of the world and the UN’s performance in protecting peace and promoting progress. This much needed survey will be widely welcomed as the most authoritative compilation of data and analysis of key trends."

Ramesh Thakur
Senior Vice Rector
United Nations University, Tokyo
Assistant Secretary-General
United Nations